How did that happen?

Holy 💩!! Today was weigh-in day and I lost 8 pounds! Eight pounds in a week! Honestly I was dreading it. I’ve been better with working out and keeping up with my weight watchers points but I’ve also slipped a couple days. I don’t feel different and I’m still uncomfortable in my clothes. I don’t know. Maybe the scale felt sorry for me. I don’t care…I will take it! If nothing else it motivated me to go to the gym and make healthier choices at the store today. I’m hoping to buy a real yoga mat later today too. Mine was clearly made for a toddler because I’m like a giant on that thing. I’m hoping to continue yoga at least twice a week after the introductory classes end. It’s been a challenging workout but totally worth it. I’m pretty sure I just go to class to do the corpse pose at the end. Don’t judge. It’s the best. 😊 Anyway…the plan is to stick with it and continue with the gym. I know at some point I will plateau so I will have to mix it up again when that happens. I’m just happy to see progress on the scale. I’ve lost 12.6 pounds since I started Weight Watchers 19 days ago. It’s not overwhelming considering my size but it is still pretty awesome to me. Watch out 200 club…I’m coming for ya!



Yesterday I had my follow up appointment with my doctor. Guess who lost 6 pounds since their last appointment?!? That’s right…this chick. It looks like my little bit of gym time is paying off. I started Weight Watchers a few days ago as well. I suck at eating the right thing but hopefully this points thing will help me. So far I’m obsessed with not exceeding my points. It’s a struggle but if I can keep up with it then I know I will see positive results. Next on the list is the yoga class. I’m hoping that with my gym time, Weight Watchers, yoga and DietBets I can finally win this weight battle. Either way, I’m enjoying the process this time.

Always waiting…

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the recent blogs if not the last one I said I was done waiting for people. Well…that was a lie. After the last post I went to the gym the next day and actually got my time down to a little over 30 minutes. The next day was going to be a rest day and then the excuses started to happen again. Someone was supposed to go with me and I just kept waiting for them to show so that we could go. I even moved the start time later and still nothing. I kept telling myself they needed my help and if I didn’t wait for them then they would never go. Well…the joke was on me because we never made it back to the gym. Last night I finally told them I was tired of waiting. I was leaving with or without them in the morning. It’s so hard to be selfish and put yourself first. You can’t save the world if you can’t save yourself. I guess I thought I could motivate someone but I really just ended up losing my tiny progress. So…time to reboot again. If they want to go they will go. I have to focus on me right now. I waited five extra minutes this morning and then decided to go to the gym without them. I’m so glad that I did. I’m walking very slow but at least I’m there. I’m not really focused on time or distance at this point. This morning I just walked until I wanted to stop. I signed up for a yoga class last night as well. The class starts in January. I’m super pumped about learning yoga. I’m hoping between the gym and yoga I will be less stressed, happier and healthier. A girl can dream 😊

Yoga hates me

The feeling is mutual. One day I hope to like it but I don’t see that happening any day soon. Out of all of the workout videos the yoga day is my least favorite. I imagine yoga is supposed to be peaceful. Inhale exhale fine your center kind of stuff. In a perfect world that is exactly what I would be doing. Unfortunately I need yoga for dummies before that will happen. The video goes way too fast for a clueless person. Instead of finding my center I’m yelling at the chick. I’m trying to figure out how to keep my head down but watch her to know what I’m supposed to be doing because I don’t know what all the poses are. The only pose that I know and look forward to at the end of the video is the corpse pose. I can definitely find my center in that position. Perhaps I should stop complaining and actually watch the video without trying to do the poses. Maybe then I can catch on. Insert lots of curse words here. For now…big middle finger to yoga day. The end. 

Yoga is no joke! 

Wow…I didn’t think it was going to be easy but dang. Yoga is seriously no joke. They look all pretty and relaxed in the video. I’m hopping around like a crazy person trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m clueless when it comes to the different poses. Well I was until she said downward dog!?!?! Downward dog+plank+burpees=pure chaos. My favorite yoga pose was the corpse pose. If you don’t know you should look it up. Best thing ever! I can hold that pose forever. I guess that’s part of the problem huh? 😔 Well…I have survived the first 7 days of workouts. Tomorrow I’m going to weigh in and see if we have made any progress. I must admit I still can’t consume all of the food that want me to and I have yet to meet my water goal. I’m honestly scared out of my mind that I’ve gained. I don’t feel any lighter. In fact I feel bloated. Maybe it’s the change in diet and just gas. I don’t know. I guess we will find out in the morning. Wish me luck!