Body Combat

It sounds scary doesn’t it? We had decided we were going to this class on our first day at the gym. In my mind I had determined it was a fighting class. We were going to punch and kick stuff. I was going to hug the bag when I needed to catch my breath. I had it all planned out. We were running a little late so when we got to the gym the class had already started. We were about to walk in anyway until they started to do some movements. I was like nope…I have to graduate to that. Also, there was no bags involved. They are kicking and punching at the air. What would I grab when I feel like I’m dying? Body Combat is off the list for now. I made my way to the treadmill. I walked for a little before the treadmill decided to stop. I may or may not have accidentally hit a button but then I couldn’t get it to restart. It’s a conspiracy. I decided to get on the rowing machine until my friend was finished walking. Just in case you were wondering…that was a bad idea too. My legs felt like jello so I’m sure I was about to eat carpet if I kept going. My knee started yelling at me toward the end too. Big πŸ–•πŸ»to the rowing machine. Tomorrow…tomorrow I will be awesome. πŸ‘πŸ»

Have I given up?

I don’t know the answer to that question. If I’m being honest with myself I would say that 95% of me has given up. The last couple of months I’ve tried to really focus on my physical health. I went to the gym 6 days a week and was able to lose a little weight. My body started to hate me though. I was trying to complete the couch to 10K app but clearly have failed. I got up to 70 minutes on the treadmill before I pulled the plug. My knees and foot were starting to bother me. I decided to cut it back down to 30 minutes and start adding time on the bike to it. I’m not sure what I did wrong or when but my good knee is now worse than the bad knee. It hurts and is stiff when I first start moving. It takes a while to warm up but eventually I can walk slow which is my normal. I can still walk on the treadmill but it’s at a slower pace and I’m moving slow when I’m done. Part of me worries that if I continue to push that I will cause more damage. The other part of me says I’m just making excuses and the no pain, no gain thing. How do you know which is true? We decided to stop keto on 10/1 and start counting calories. We planned to have a cheat meal before doing it. One cheat meal turned into several. When I weighed in on Monday I had gained two pounds. 😬 We swore we would be awesome again on Monday. It’s Wednesday and it hasn’t worked out yet. So…my gym life sucks and my diet is in the toilet. I can’t win for losing. My body hates me and my self sabotage game is on another level. Maybe I will read a self help book, lay on the couch all day, accept defeat or convince myself that I will be amazing tomorrow. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Today…I give up.


It’s been a while since my last confession, blog or whatever we want to call this crazy. I guess I’ve just been in a little bit of a funk. I’ve been trying to stick with keto and continue to go to the gym. The couch to 10K app is now up to a total of 53 minutes although I think the next day jumps all the way to 70 minutes. 😳 My knees are kicking my butt. I had hoped that by shedding a little weight I would relieve some pressure. It’s just not happening. I weighed in a couple of days ago and am down a total of 24.2 pounds after 6 weeks. I’m sure I could be doing better. We finally had a cheat meal and have had a few desserts. It’s just been really tough lately. I thought I would give my knees a break from the treadmill and would try the bike. Yeah my left foot that has been in a boot a couple of times didn’t like it. I lasted a whopping 15 minutes and then switched to the treadmill for a little bit. I just feel like I’m spinning my wheels sometimes. Can I really accomplish the things I want to if my knees hate me? Is all of this for nothing? I decided to continue on with the 10K app today and of course my body is hating me. I guess I will try something else tomorrow. You know how when one thing isn’t going your way it seems like other things start to punch you in the face too. I struggled on the workout and then I dragged myself to the pool. I legit almost fell asleep there. I dragged myself back in to change clothes. Guess who didn’t pack any underwear or bra. I’m standing there butt naked eyeballing my swimsuit. Do I really want to fight myself putting that wet thing back on? The answer was no. Commando it is and the girls will just swing. I quit today. Tomorrow…tomorrow will be awesome.


If I go missing, the old lady in the water therapy pool did it. She totally looks like Kathy Bates. Look at that face. She stares at me the entire time just like that while I’m in the other pool. Lady…you are not being sneaky. Everyone sees you looking over here. 😳 I thought if I stared back that she would stop. Nope…I got a creepy smile in return. I decided it was best not to make eye contact after that. Besides I was distracted by the instructor. She was closing her eyes, gritting her teeth and breathing like crazy. Girl…we are in the pool. What are you doing that we are missing? Everyone else is running in place talking. I couldn’t stop watching that crazy. I guess I was that mean girl today. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Well until I looked at Kathy again and yep she was still staring at me. No I will not be joining you for lunch or church lady. There will be no alone time in our future. Anyway…speaking of torture, the treadmill sucked today. Today was 5 minute warmup, 30 minute run/walk fast and 5 minute cool down. Pretty sure that was the longest 40 minutes of my life. The last 5 minutes of the run/walk fast was pure misery. Tomorrow we add another 5 minutes so that should be awesome. A wise friend told me to try watching Netflix so I can distract myself from watching the clock. Hopefully that works tomorrow and 🀞that Kathy isn’t there staring at me again. 😬

Gym time

I didn’t go to the gym for close to a week and I didn’t miss it. 😬 Is that wrong? I’ve been going 6 days a week for a month. I thought I would develop a habit and crave it at some point. Nope…not there yet. Will it ever happen? I’m not sure. Right now I view it as a necessary evil to get me where I want to be. That kind of makes me nervous if I’m being honest. Will I quit going at some point and fall back into old habits? I guess I shouldn’t waste energy playing the what if game and just focus on right now. I legit dreaded the 28 minute run/walk fast today. I know it is only 3 more minutes than yesterday but apparently I like being super dramatic and fighting myself. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ The treadmills I like we’re taken so I had to choose one I have never used before. I am convinced it is faster than the other ones. I thought I was going to fall off. Well that was before I got distracted by my shoes. It felt like my toenails were trying to claw their way out. Seriously…it hasn’t been that long since my last pedicure. How did I suddenly have talons? Focusing on my toes helped because the time started to fly by. Thank God! Don’t worry I cut the talons when I got home. Nails are so disgusting and so are those nasty people that don’t clean the machines at the gym after using them. 🀒 Clearly I need to work on my stink eye. Sir/ma’am I see you! You just sweated all over that machine. I bet you didn’t wash your hands in the bathroom either. You are so nasty. I guess it would be wrong if I sprayed you down with the cleaner. Get it together people! Anyway…it was off to the pool after my treadmill time. I will admit I dreaded it too. Once I was in the pool though…it felt great. I may have even missed my old lady gang a little. I wonder if I can talk them into matching tattoos. πŸ€” It’s never too late to get that tramp stamp right? Just kidding 🀣

Such a slacker

Sorry…it’s been a minute since I last posted. I feel like there is so much to catch up on. 😬 Obviously I survived the children of the corn hotel. That was so scary stuff. I will confess that I didn’t open my suitcase at all. No bugs, flies, spiders or whatever else was in that room was getting in my suitcase. Hell to the no. I slept with one eye open. πŸ‘ You better believe I didn’t change clothes, shower or brush my teeth. My stinky, dragon breath behind ran out of there as fast as I could the next morning. The next hotel didn’t look the greatest on the outside but the inside had been remodeled. Don’t you worry your pretty little head. I showered and brushed my teeth as soon as I got in the room. Such a dirty girl. πŸ˜‚ My friend arrived Saturday morning. After grabbing some lunch we headed to the boat for our whale watching adventure. Okay…I’m not one to get sea sick but after some seriously bumpy waters I was plotting out where I needed to go if I did get sick. 🀒 The struggle was real. I tried to remain positive as we were going further and further out. Can we see a dolphin, shark, Nemo or something? It was just choppy water for miles until all of a sudden whales started to appear. It was so amazing! I would highly recommend doing it at least once in your life. Oh and just a little tip…don’t be that guy that rushes on the boat so you can sit in the front. You will get soaked and sea sick. If you can survive all of that then I’m sure you will have a great view of the whales. The ride back was much smoother so no chunks were blown during this trip. Back on land we headed back to the hotel and then ate dinner. The next morning it was on to the next hotel and to catch up with another friend. I will say that Virginia is such a beautiful state to drive thru. You should totally do it if you haven’t already. Anyway…the last hotel was the best so I guess it was a good way to end the trip. Aside from a small slice of cheesecake, I stuck to keto. In fact, you can say I even fasted because I pretty much only had one meal a day for a couple of the days. I need to be better prepared for keto and road trips. I didn’t work out at all either. 😬 The last hotel was the only one with a gym and I wasn’t interested if I’m being honest. I just wanted to make it to the next destination. I had a yummy dinner last night and went to bed early because I knew I would be going to the gym this morning. It only made sense to get back in the routine again so that I can continue to lose this weight. I weighed in this morning and had lost one pound in the last week. πŸ˜” I know…I didn’t work out and at least I didn’t gain. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I kept trying to leave to go to the gym but bubble guts kept sending me to the restroom instead. After a couple of trips I made it out the door. I decided once I got to the gym I wasn’t going to do the pool today. My stomach was still rumbling so I would just do the treadmill and pray that I didn’t have to prairie dog it to the restroom. πŸ™πŸ» It was a little rough doing the couch to 10K but I pushed thru and got it done. We are up to 25 minutes of run/walking faster now. I’m scared to look at tomorrow. I guess not too scared because I just looked. It goes up to 28 minutes. The walk/run intervals are a thing of the past. What was I thinking? πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I suppose you don’t know what you can do until you try. I’ve surprised myself so far so I have to keep going as long as I can. I met with a trainer before going on my trip. She showed me the weights and kind of gave me a guide on what to do each day. I’m thinking I will start that on Monday. I need to buy a notebook so I can keep track. I also need to figure out my yoga life. Lots to do and well I have nothing but time so I won’t complain. πŸ˜‰

All over the place

There are a thousand things running thru my brain right now. I know I need to give an update on my fitness assessment appointment but I secretly want to talk about this show I just watched. 😬 So…I’m totally going to do both and throw in whatever else. πŸ€ͺ I decided to do the couch to 10K before doing the fitness assessment. I did this for two reasons. One…I have a schedule damn it. Two…I wanted her to know I had already completed cardio for today so there was no need to put me back on the treadmill for whatever crazy thing she had planned. My evil plan worked. I mean everything worked out exactly how it was supposed to. I did another body scan. She asked me my goals, talked about nutrition and set a weight loss goal. She showed me some upper body machines I can work on and suggested I do yoga at least once a week. It was a great appointment that helps me know what to do going forward on this journey. Blah blah blah. Okay, okay, okay…can we talk about the show now? Tonight was the final show for Married at First Sight. Did you see the crazy? I knew that Greg and Deonna would stay together. They just make sense. I really thought Keith and Iris would stay together too. I know he is kicking himself for letting her go. Next up was Matt and Amber. I was worried for a moment that she would cave and want to stay married. Poor girl is so sweet and seemed to really try to make it work. Matt is such a tool that will struggle in relationships if he doesn’t deal with his own demons. I hope Amber gets with her best friend. You lost a good one Matt. Jamie and Elizabeth were definitely the rollercoaster couple. They seem to both be really passionate people. She at least expresses herself but he tends to bottle up and then throw jabs. They make sense in a dysfunctional kind of way. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Yes I did talk to the tv the whole show. They should have listened to me. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Anyway, on to the next thing. I’m finally going on a little adventure tomorrow. I’m excited but maybe also a little worried. I thought I was being smart by booking cheap hotels since I’m only staying a night or two in each. I just need a bed and hot shower is what I told myself. Hotels with exterior room entrances freak me out so not that cheap. It’s not a pay by the hour hotel either. It’s cheap though. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it’s all okay. There isn’t a workout room in two of the hotels so I’m forced to take a few days off. Perhaps it is needed. Oh…on a positive note I’m still in ketosis! Maybe I should have dessert more often. Just kidding. Tomorrow is going to be a long day so I should probably put my crazy away and try to calm my mind. Hope you had or will have an amazing day! Say a little prayer for me and the puppy as we travel. πŸ™πŸ»