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Shaving makes me invincible

It may sound ridiculous but I can assure you it is a real thing today. I normally fear falling down, getting in an accident on the way to work and the 1000 other things that run thru my crazy ass mind. Today I am walking with confidence and daring someone to hit me because I’m ready…I shaved! I bet this is how people feel when they have a bulletproof vest on. Go ahead shoot. I’m good…I shaved. 😂 Really? I apparently am losing it. I barely shaved to the knee so it’s not like I covered everything. With these large legs I probably left several landing strips of hair on my legs. So much for being invincible. I’m glad I talked myself thru this. It was a nice invincible moment while it lasted. I will make plans to be a total badass tomorrow. Shave my head, get some tattoos…yeah probably not. I haven’t reached that stage in my life just yet. 😉


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