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Shaving workout

That’s right…I got another workout in today. What? Shaving is a workout when you are as big as I am. I’m a single woman in her 40s that isn’t interested in dating anyone so you can imagine how often shaving happens. Hell I don’t even do it for the lady doctor anymore. We are way past the first date and I’m sure she has seen worse. What’s the special occasion? Well I’m catching a flight this week and I have interesting luck so this one is for my airport security friends. 😬 Plus I actually need my deodorant to work since I’m sure the anxiety will be in full affect. I may not be losing weight with C210K but I bet I did with the layer of hair I just set free. No judgement people. I’m pretty sure there is something you are neglecting too. One of us is just being honest about it 😉


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