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Just breathing

I’ve been working a lot and things seem to keep getting worse. This week I tried to limit myself to 12 hours a day. I failed. I didn’t make it to the gym any day, I ate every meal at my desk and I may snap if one more person tells me how tired I look. I’m taking one day off a week and on that day I just want to breathe. I don’t want to see anyone, talk or do anything. It sounds depressing but it’s the only escape I have from the rest of the chaos. I’m so tired. I feel like each day is a fight and I’m just trying to survive. This can’t be how I’m supposed to live for the next five months. Let’s not even talk about my health. I’ve avoided the scale but I have to weigh in soon for my Dietbet. I already know it’s not going to be pretty. You can’t eat fast food, not go to the gym and expect to lose weight. So…what do I do? I finally went to the gym today and I started to swell up. I’m not talking a little bit of swelling either. My hands looked like the Nutty Professor. Who does that? Of course the fat girl would be allergic to the gym. It makes total sense. I’m supposed to meet my friend again tomorrow so we shall see what happens. 


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