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Meal prep amateur 

I’ve tried to avoid meal prepping for the longest. People swear by it but I do not get excited about leftovers. Needless to say I know my eating habits are more than likely the main reason I haven’t lost as much as I probably should have at this point. Meal prepping provides me with a plan and as long as I am disciplined it should work. I didn’t want to get too crazy with the meals. After all I suck at cooking and I didn’t want to prepare a bunch of food that I would end up throwing away. So…I made turkey chili and baked chicken. My game plan was to have turkey chili three days and baked chicken, rice and green beans for two days. I even purchased snacks so I could attempt to eat something every 4-6 hours. The first strike occurred when I didn’t make enough rice for both meals. I ended up with chili and rice for one meal and baked chicken and lots of green beans for the second meal. The second strike came when I realized I sucked at eating 4-6 times a day. It’s actually really hard if you aren’t used to it. Once I can develop a routine then I will probably set alarms to help me with this. Meetings, work and not having a consistent workout schedule threw me off this week. Strike three…chili with lots of beans may not be the best food to consume multiple times a week while trying to workout. It brought a whole new meaning to bubble guts. 😬I’m sure I made tons of new friends at the gym. There were some positives with meal prepping as well. I didn’t stress about cooking or wondering what I was eating every day and night. It was actually nice to stay at the office and get some work accomplished instead of going out to eat. Oh and I’m sure I saved money by not eating out every day. I will be honest and say I did make my way to Starbucks twice. I love their oatmeal and I had to have the pumpkin spice latte before it’s gone. All in all I would say there were more positives than negatives with it. I definitely plan to do it again but will avoid turkey chili for the next round. I will prep again on Sunday and will weigh in again on Wednesday. I’m curious and nervous to see what the scale will show. Wish me luck! 


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