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Jell-o everywhere

I’ve had two training sessions and have worked out with my friend every single day since Saturday. Okay it’s only Tuesday but my body feels like Saturday was a year ago. Every inch of me is sore and feels like jell-o. I look like I have T. rex arms because I only want to lift them so high because of the soreness. I weighed in a couple of days ago and had actually gained a pound. I weighed in this morning and had lost two pounds. I’m not sure if I will lose what I need to lose for my DietBets but hopefully one day everything will come together. I’m trying to change my eating habits as well. I’ve never been a big breakfast person unless I was eating with family. Lunch has always been a must have for me. Headaches and anger issues would happen if I missed lunch or simply waited too long to eat. I’m rarely hungry at dinner time but eat anyway because I feel like I’m supposed to. With all of that in mind and me attempting to work out in the evening I’ve decided to take a different approach. Breakfast consists of a shake or oatmeal. Lunch at this point is whatever I pick up or make at home. Yeah I’m not super prepared this week. I have a shake for dinner. Hopefully by working out at least an hour each day and eating differently I can start to see results. I currently weigh 308 pounds. I’m praying I can get below 300 before I turn 40 in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be tough but I believe it is possible. Say a little prayer that I reach my goal and am not murdered by the trainer tomorrow. 🙏🏻😊


4 thoughts on “Jell-o everywhere

  1. Hi there! I am just now joining your blog, so forgive me if I ever comment/ask anything that has already been discussed! I’m pumped to find someone else sharing their journey on here in such an honest way.

    It’s totally doable to lose eight pounds in 2 or 3 weeks! you can do it.

    I would personally be careful weighing every day. I have been told by my nutritionist and doctor to not weight more than once a week (at most). Your body weight naturally fluctuates from hour to hour, so watching those fluctuations so closely can drive a person crazy! I weigh in same day, approx same time every week.

    You said you’re not a breakfast person and aren’t usually hungry at dinner. Are you a snacker?

    Best of luck to you!


    • Hello and thank you. 😊 I don’t normally weigh in every day. I like to avoid the scale but since I’m doing the DietBet I try to weigh in once a week. The only reason I weighed in more than once in the same week is because I was hoping it would go down before I submitted my weight for the week. I’m not much of a snacker but I’m trying to get better at that. My problem is I don’t eat enough food and when I do eat it is usually something unhealthy. The eating part is definitely my biggest weakness. Hopefully I will figure it out and start to develop healthy habits. Best of luck to you as well! 😊

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