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And so it begins…

I finally committed to signing up with the trainer. When I signed up she immediately hit me with a time for the next day. I’m pretty sure someone told her about my commitment issues or how to get me to do things I’m uncomfortable with. It was like she asked me so quick that I was unable to have an excuse not to. Needless to say yesterday was day one. There are no televisions in this gym. She wants you to focus on what you are doing. The trainer is also a physical therapist so she is really into helping people do things the right way so that you avoid injuries. Considering I’m clueless and also prone to injuries these days, I needed someone to look out for me. I warmed up for a little bit on the treadmill before the session began. The exercises that she showed me were difficult but believe it or not that wasn’t the hardest part. Apparently there are mirrors everywhere at the gym because people watch themselves while working out. She wanted me to watch my form and make sure I was doing the right motions. I avoid the mirror so having to stare at myself in the worst possible condition struggling to do the exercises was not the best time ever. I tried to avoid looking at myself and every single time I could focus on something else I did. I know that’s probably not the healthiest approach and I need to deal with the situation but right now I’m focused on survival. I’m going to do whatever I need to do to get thru the training and continue to workout at the gym. My hatred for the mirror more than likely has nothing to do with the size that I am. It all comes back to loving myself. I’m a work in progress…one day it will all make sense. Until then I will celebrate my small victories. I survived day one of training. I wasn’t super sore this morning but I could feel it. The trainer wanted me to go to the gym on my own today and focus on cardio. It’s cold outside but I knew my friend would be there so I had no choice but to show up and do the darn thing. I fought it for a long time but I think there may be something to having someone to work out with. We will hold each other accountable. I will show up even when I don’t want to because I know she is counting on me to be there. Tomorrow morning is day two with the trainer. Because I like to be dramatic…I’m praying I don’t die. Wish me luck! 


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