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That may or may not be a real word but I’m scared of the gym. It’s like the great unknown. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been to the gym in the last decade but I literally did the treadmill and left. I know I need to do more than that to lose the weight. I met with a trainer on Monday at the gym. It was really just an introduction and her explaining what each section of equipment worked on. There was a lot of different machines that I just ignored at other gyms. This time I looked at all of them and immediately started sweating like crazy. It wasn’t like grab a paperbag crazy anxiety level but I was a little overwhelmed. The trainer provided several pricing options which included just the membership, group training and personal training. I needed to get out of there so I told her I would be in touch. It’s crazy how something so little can make you so uncomfortable and scared. It’s just the gym not some sort of death chamber. Eventually I pulled myself together and let her know I would like to do the personal training. It’s probably wise to have some individual attention with the machines and in the gym for at least a few sessions to get me going. I’m too crazy to commit to anything else right now. Baby steps…that’s what I will be taking. I meet with her on Friday to set everything up. Wish me luck! 


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