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Stomach Shelf

Have you had that moment where you know things have gone too far? I’ve had several. Sometimes I feel like the hulk in my clothes like they are going to rip open any moment. Putting on socks and shoes is a heavy breathing workout. Sweating is happening and I’m sure calories are being burned. One of the most crappy moments is realizing you can use your stomach as a shelf. Yes I’ve added a pic for proof. Decades ago when I was pregnant I could do the same thing. I would shuffle cards, prop the pickle jar up and rest my hands on it all of the time. Today my shelf is much larger than when I was pregnant. My highest pregnancy weight was 190 pounds. Weigh-in for my DietBet challenge is in a couple of days. There is no doubt that it will be over 300. I’m praying that I will be able to change in 2017. I know everyone is saying new year new you. I need that to be true more than ever. Fingers crossed that I will do it this time. More action, less talking and no quitting. 💪🏻🏃


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