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Not even on the list

As crazy as this may sound I’m constantly trying to figure me out. As I’m getting ready for work I think about what occurred the previous day or week. I beat myself up about things that I wanted to do but didn’t. Of course I remind myself where I fell short. I attempt to come up with a plan to conquer those things this week. I’m not going to lie…it’s a vicious cycle especially when it comes to exercising. Today I realized I’m really not important to me. Like…not even a little bit. I’m quick to take care of everyone else and don’t even think twice about myself. In my mind I have to make sure everyone is okay…kids, work, friends and even complete strangers. The lie is I don’t have time for me. Everyone else needs me. I can’t let them down. I stopped walking in the mornings because it’s getting busy at work and the sooner I can get there the more I can help the team. On Friday I worked at least 15 hours. Once I got home I ate a horrible, quick dinner and then crawled into bed. I just needed a few hours of sleep before I went to the Relay for Life event. My job had a tent and needed people to walk. With little sleep and puffy eyes I headed to out to do my part for the team. Unfortunately the event was closed down early so I was unable to participate. I was prepared to walk for two hours for the cause and my job but I can’t carve 30 minutes out of my day for me. Seriously? Apparently I’m not capable of doing anything for just me. If someone else needs anything I will do whatever it takes no matter the cost. Where would I be if I cared that much about myself? In my head I know that by putting me first I’m a better person for those around me. Maybe I can’t do it because I’m benefitting from it. I don’t know. It sounds completely insane. My entire life has been about my kids and my job. I’m knocking on 40 now. How can I change my way of thinking and somehow add my name to my list of priorities? 


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