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Bike butt

As if torturing myself with the workout video this morning was not enough I decided to climb my big behind up on the stationary bike after I got home from work. If you want to lose weight you have to work for it right? That bike is the devil. My ass has taken on a whole new shape. The seat is huge but it isn’t comfortable at all. I don’t see how people can ride bikes with little seats. Let’s not even talk about my jello legs. I bet you are wondering how long I was on that bike. 😊 A whopping 15 minutes of me pretending I’m in slow motion spin class. I was already a little sore from the workout this morning. I’m just happy that I even tried to do something tonight. Normally I would have just relaxed and watched tv. It’s hard to break old habits but it’s something that I must do if I want to become a healthier person. Watch out world…I may do 17 minutes on the bike tomorrow. 😉 Small wins are still wins! 


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