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Fat girl feet

Last week I pushed pretty hard. I was determined to get at least 10k steps per day. I woke up each morning and went for a 2-3 mile walk. It rained one day so I waited and went that afternoon. I really tried to overcome my excuses and push through. Friday’s walk was a little challenging. I heard someone walking behind me. I could hear them catching up. For whatever crazy reason I was determined that they were not going to pass me. My feet were hurting but I kept going. They didn’t catch me. It may or may not be because they turned off the road. Minor details that are not important. It was a win for me damn it. Well maybe not so much a win. Both feet were hurting but the foot that I previously had in a boot was really hating me. I’m not sure if I injured it again or if I just pushed too hard. Either way I think I’m going to have to reevaluate this whole walking thing. If I hurt the foot and have to wear a boot then I will never get this weight off. My guess is my feet are hurting because they are under a whole lot of pressure. I mean jeez I’ve only added 175 pounds that shouldn’t be there. Once upon a time I had a pretty arch. That thing has caved under pressure and not I have flat feet. The doctor told me to wear inserts to prevent my arches from hurting. They help as long as I’m not walking a lot. Shoes do play a big role but here lately even that hasn’t mattered. My feet hurt as soon as I stand on them in the morning. It’s almost like they have to do a warmup to get ready for the day. It’s either that or I just get used to the pain. Either way it all sucks. So…my new approach will be to ride an exercise bike and do my 21 day fix videos. That modified girl kicked my ass before there is no reason why she won’t do it again. Wish me and my fat girl flat feet good luck. Twenty-four more days to get to the 15 pound weight loss goal. Anything is possible! 


3 thoughts on “Fat girl feet

  1. You could try a shoe insert that helps the arch and corrects the placement of the foot. I do it to tackle plantar fasciitis type of pain i get in my foot. Overtime it truly helps. Btw big like on the way you challenged yourself and didnt let the person behind you catch up.


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