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The final button

Last week we had a work Fitbit challenge. We broke off into teams and talked some serious smack about who would get the most steps. I must say the personality test that I took got that part wrong. Being competitive is not a weakness for me. My big ass didn’t come in last place. In fact I believe I was in 2nd place for my team and 4th place overall. Not too shabby for someone that hasn’t been moving a whole lot. Oh and I would highly recommend you take the personality test. It takes a little bit but it is totally worth it. Yes it is almost 100% accurate and will provide you with so much info. The website is http://16personalities.com. Here is what they said about my competitive issues. The nerve 😡

Overly Competitive – ISFPs can escalate small things into intense competitions, turning down long-term success in their search for glory in the moment, and are unhappy when they lose.

I’m glad no one had to experience that unhappiness because we won! 😉 Needless to say with all of that crazy I was convinced that I had lost weight. I mean damn…I’ve failed at almost everything else on my 21 day challenge list. I didn’t drink my shakes this weekend, exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, drink 100 ounces of water daily, I only blogged once and I ate fast food. I haven’t even started to make the budget or read a book. The only thing that I’ve actually stuck with is staying off of Facebook. Oh and instead of losing weight toward that 10 pound loss goal I gained a pound. Nope it wasn’t muscle that I gained from walking. My top roll just keeps expanding. No matter how much I walk I keep growing. I felt like a complete failure so naturally I refused to get up. Don’t worry that only lasted a few minutes. I try not to dwell in my crazy. Eventually I get up and start trying to turn my mood around. Giving myself the it’s a new day speech and giving up isn’t an option. Blah blah blah. I get dressed and head to the kitchen to make my shake. There is no peanut butter. This is tragic. A chocolate Shakelogy shake is so much better with peanut butter. Again I try to turn the other cheek and think that it isn’t a big deal if you look at the big picture. It’s only peanut butter. Then I start to fill up my massive mug with ice and water. Of course tons of ice shoots out all over the floor. I mean why not? It’s Monday. I think to myself okay it’s easy to clean up. Maybe that spot on the floor needed to be cleaned. No biggie. It’s ice…it will melt and then dry up. I keep going trying to be positive and then the button incident occurred. You see I decided since obviously I’m having a fat day I would wear comfy pants. Well these comfy pants needed to be retired. They are supposed to have 3 buttons and they were down to one. Please tell me why it decided to pop off and disappear. That was the breaking point. I said screw it…I’m wearing these buttonless pants. If my zipper comes undone and I flash everyone so be it. Today wanted to suck so I let it. On a positive note I didn’t flash anyone. Boy are they lucky. Tomorrow is a new day and I can’t wait! 


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