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Bearded lady problems

So today I decided to tackle my bearded lady problems. I’ve been plucking here and there and well sometimes just ignoring it completely. Perhaps if I avoid the mirror I could just pretend all of those long hairs and cat whiskers didn’t exist. Forget about the eyebrows that are trying to link up with my eyelashes now. Maybe I should have said I was the honest hairy fat chick. What the heck? Does this chaos ever stop? Bring on menopause if that will help. Just in case you didn’t know, looking at yourself in the car mirror is hazardous regardless if you are driving or not. The amount of hairs that you can see on your face multiplies by like a million. I looked like a full bearded caveman. Yeah I ran inside my house and busted out the hair removal cream. I’m not sure what happened. I think my hairs are immune to the cream now. Maybe the cream was seriously old. Either way I still have long whiskers and a beard. I’ve now added some redness and that nasty cream smell to my face. So…next stop is the spa to ask if I can just dip my face in wax. This may not be the best idea since my face is still tingling from the cream but surely wax redness and little bubbles are better than the freakin bearded lady. Okay maybe not but it’s the look I’m going for today. I hope all of the craziness is cleared up before Monday. Hell by then I may have another beard. So much for that magic pill helping with that. Damn the luck. Maybe I should just embrace it and start doing beard designs. Hmmmm πŸ€” yeah I’m thinking that’s a bad idea too. One day…one day I will defeat the beard. 


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