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I’m alive! 

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. There was all the craziness with the doctor and then we went on vacation. I decided against taking the meds while on vacation. Look I was super freaked out about the side effects. Who wants to have weird things happen with their body while they are on vacation? Nope…not me. So yesterday should have been the day I started. Of course I was a giant punk and decided it would be okay to push it off one more day. Why not? Today is the first day of the year. A perfect day to weigh, start new medicine and whatever else. That’s what I kept telling myself as I stared at the medicine. I figured it would be wise to avoid reading the side effects again. I would only keep talking myself out of taking the pills. Eventually I finally took them and I’m happy to report nothing tragic happened. I so could have died. Have you read the side effects on metformin? Scary stuff. It legit says it could be fatal not to mention the laundry list of other things that could go wrong. The only difference I felt today was I’m just drained. It could be from all of the traveling or it could be because I haven’t had my Shakeology in a long time. I definitely need to get back on it tomorrow. For now I will curl up in my bed and be grateful I survived my first day on these meds. 👍🏻😊


One thought on “I’m alive! 

  1. Welcome back!! Sooooooooooo proud of you for taking your meds! Food for thought….a side effect of not drinking enough water…dehydration -Not enough urination ,

    -Muscle cramps

    -Dry, shriveled skin

    -Irritability or confusion

    -Dizziness or lightheadedness

    -Rapid heartbeat

    -Breathing rapidly

    -Sunken eyes

    -Shock (lack of blood flow through the body)

    -Unconsciousness or delirium
    Forward March soldier!!

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