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From bad to worse

So last week my eating wasn’t completely horrible but this week I’ve lost my mind. I’m drinking queso and chasing it with ice cream. Okay that’s a bit extreme but it’s pretty darn close. There was a queso episode and I have 3 different types of ice cream in my freezer right now. Just for the record I did not purchase the ice cream nor have I eaten it yet. It just stares at me every time I open the freezer. We went from a clean eating household to junk overnight. I can definitely tell the difference this week. My Shakeology shakes are still super yummy but I feel like what I’m eating is working against the shakes. I don’t seem to have as much energy as I did before. Our biggest mistake this week was that we didn’t go grocery shopping so we have eaten out quite a bit. It was by no means healthy and the portion sizes have been out of control. Contrary to popular belief…eating healthy meals cooked at home is way cheaper than eating out. You save money and you feel so much better. Somehow I need to turn this around. I’m off the next few days so I’m going to get in as many steps in as I can and definitely will make my way to the store. Time to clean out the junk again and replace it with healthier choices. 


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