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Lunch is served

I’ve probably said this a hundred times but just in case you didn’t know…I suck at cooking. That is my disclaimer for when you see my food pics. On the menu today is turkey burgers and black beans. I bet you are wondering where the veggies are. Yeah me too. I apparently have an issue with veggies. I don’t know anything about them and I tend to be a creature of habit. If I was a vegetarian I would just eat beans because I’m veggie clueless. I will attempt to work on it for my next meal. Oh and if you haven’t noticed I failed in the snack department too. I’m a fat chick that doesn’t eat a lot. I will work on that too. As far as drinks are concerned I’ve just been drinking lots of water. Plain…by itself water. No extra secret squirrel packets to sweeten it up. As of right this moment I have consumed 50.7 ounces today. Only 106 more ounces to go. 😬 See ya at dinner  



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