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It’s the final countdown! 

Today is the last day of the 21 day fix. Holy mash potatoes batman! I’m not sure that I did enough this last week but I’m going to squeeze what I can into this last day. No judgements people! Weigh-in and measurements will take place tomorrow. No I’m not nervous at all. 😬 I didn’t jump out of the bed freaking out, go for a walk before even brushing my teeth or anything like that. The world is lucky I put a bra on as quickly as I was trying to get outside. It feels amazing out today by the way! Oh and I have rectified that whole teeth situation so don’t you worry about people passing out from my dragon breath. Anyway…the goal today will be to do as much as I can so that I beat the scale tomorrow. This 21 day fix has taught me so much and I feel so much better. This is only the beginning of my weightloss journey. I will continue to follow the 21 day fix meal plan and workout videos until I’m no longer modifying the modified girl. It may take some time but I’m up for the challenge. Then…who knows? Maybe I will do something insane like Insanity. Until then I will continue to share my journey. I realized today that I haven’t really shared the food side of this process. So…today you get to join me for my meals. Shakeology…it’s what’s for breakfast. I’m an extremely weird, picky eater and thought that I would hate the shakes. Nope…I’m in love. The chocolate Shakeology with 8 oz of water, half a frozen banana, frozen pineapple and a tablespoon of peanut butter is heaven. I’ve tried several other combos but this is my favorite. Okay I’m off to run in place or do leg lifts on my couch. I will see ya again at lunch. 😊 



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