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Complete Fail

Well…apparently I was starving so I totally forgot to take a pic of dinner. I can tell you exactly what it was…tacos. We used a wheat soft taco, added extra lean ground beef, a little bit of shredded cheese, rice, onions, refried beans and shredded lettuce. It was yummy and better looking than lunch. 😉 The fact that I didn’t cook it probably helped too. The night isn’t over yet but I’m hoping I did enough to see at least one pound loss in the morning. Unfortunately I’ve only consumed 101.4 ounces of water. I still need about 55 ounces. I managed to squeeze in a 30 minute walk, the Dirty 30 and the Yoga Fix. I didn’t hit the 10k steps but I did pretty darn good considering what I normally get. Fingers crossed it was enough. We shall see bright and early in the morning. Sweet dreams!  



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