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One Hour

There is no doubt that time is precious. I often feel like there is not enough time in a day to accomplish all that I want to. The truth is there is plenty of time I just do not use it wisely. This is the last week of the 21 day fix. In fact I believe this is day 19. For days 15-21 it was suggested that I do 2 workouts per day. Instead of doing two of the videos I had planned to do one video and then take a 30 minute walk at some point during the day. I really miss walking. It’s so therapeutic. Most people like to listen to music when they run or walk. I like to be alone with my thoughts. I haven’t been walking in a very long time. It was all kind of downhill after I injured my foot a year ago. A couple of days ago I made my way to the beach for my walk. Not my best idea ever. It wasn’t the 30 minute walk I intended it to be because well it’s sunset on the beach. I walked a little and then took a bunch of pics. It was such a beautiful evening. Needless to say I had excuses for the other days. I worked too late, my show comes on tonight and I have to cook. I’m off work today so there are no excuses. Today was the day to finally attempt to walk again. I’m naturally a slow walker. I’m not one of those pulse checking chicks walking faster than someone runs. Maybe one day but not today. Everything is slow motion these days. I’m sure if I keep going I will start to move a little quicker. I decided it would be wise to set a timer before I left. I wanted to know how far I could go in the allotted time so I can try to exceed that distance each day. As I’m walking I begin to think about how I spend my time each day. Why can’t I carve out 30 minutes two times a day? It’s not even a consecutive hour. It takes 30 minutes to do the video and a 30 minute walk. I had planned to do one in the morning and one in the evening. I always feel so much better after both so why do I cheat myself of that feeling? I will work way too many hours and sit on the couch watching tv but I can’t plan out 30 minutes twice a day to do something that will benefit me, my family and others around me. That’s pure insanity. I truly believe if people would carve out time for themselves the world would be a happier place. We are all worth it…the hard part is realizing that. So…it’s time for me to develop a healthy habit. Rain or shine I will walk for 30 minutes every single day and will continue to do my videos for another 21 days. You don’t get what you want by doing nothing. I don’t want to just lose weight. I want to be a healthier and happier person.  



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