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Say it one more time…I dare you! 

You can do anything for 60 seconds. I secretly want to fall on a sharp object every single time my video friend says that. In the beginning I swear that 60 seconds felt like days. Now it’s not days but definitely hours depending on the exercise. Planking….that 60 seconds feels like a lifetime. I’m counting in my head wondering why her seconds are so much slower than mine. I’m working on my poor attitude and in my head I know that she is right. It even makes it easier when I actually think about it like that. It’s only 60 seconds. I keep reminding myself this is a process. It can be discouraging at times and I often beat myself up but I think that is part of the process too. I was wide awake in my bed for about an hour and a half this morning before I decided to get up. It was like I was refusing to get up and do the workout. I wanted to just lay there and read. As I’m laying there fighting the man I realize that I’m completely insane. I’m going to do the workout because I decided to be committed to this. I’m only hurting myself if I don’t do it. So I get up like that kid that doesn’t want to go to school and I do the stinkin workout. I always feel better afterward so I’m not sure why I fight it. I tend to get lost in my own brain sometimes. There is no one on the planet that can beat me up like I can. I know it is crazy but it is true. I am my own worst enemy and I alone stand in my way when trying to achieve things I desire. If you can overcome the mental side of the weightloss process then the physical part is easy. I found myself walking into my office today continuing to beat myself up and find excuses why I shouldn’t continue down this healthy path. I’m arriving later to work now then I want to. That’s tough for a workaholic. It was like a moment of me telling myself this wasn’t going to work and I should just stop trying. Work will be a challenge, I will lose my job and then it just keep going. All of a sudden it was like someone slapped me in the back of the head and said hey big dummy…remember that hour and a half you laid in the bed? Now what? So…I’m thinking maybe I should try this 60 second thing for the bed too. I will give myself 60 seconds to get up after waking up. The longer I stay the more excuses I will have. Why deal with that roller coaster ride of crazy when I don’t have to? 😊


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