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Coach or not coach? 

When I started the 21 day fix and Shakeology I was looking for a change. I was over 300 pounds with high blood pressure and could barely do anything without breathing heavy and sweating. I’ve tried several diets but I believe those are temporary. They work for the moment but are probably not the healthiest approach. The first thing that the doctors want to do is give me appetite suppressants because they automatically assume that I overeat. Sure I lose weight with those too but what do they do to my body? I’m basically starving it by eating 500 calories a day. Not to mention the impact that they have on your digestive system. Of course the next thing to be suggested is weightloss surgery. I agree that it is necessary for some people but I refuse to believe it is for me. I did not have surgery to get this big. I don’t want a magic pill or quick fix. I don’t believe those things are healthy or will work long term. When I was introduced to the 21 day fix and Shakeology I was skeptical to say the least. In fact the first couple of times I declined the offer. I thought it was just like the other diets. This time around my soon to be coach was extremely patient with me and answered all of my silly questions. I discovered this wasn’t a diet at all. It’s a lifestyle change. You learn to become active again with the videos, the shakes provide your body with nutrients it doesn’t receive, the meal plan provides you the list of foods you should eat and the containers show you the portions your body should be consuming. You can tell by my blog this process hasn’t been easy but I’m glad I am doing it. After just one week I lost 7.7 pounds. That’s insane to me especially knowing that I have not starved myself or been in a gym for hours. As far as being active I have done what I have been doing for months except for the 30 minute workout videos. If we are Fitbit friends you know I didn’t suddenly start walking 10,000 steps a day. I’m still averaging around 4000. I’m definitely not starving. In fact one of my biggest struggles has been to consume the amount of food they suggest that I do. This has been an eye opening experience to say the least. When I first signed up I debated about signing up to be a coach. I thought it would be fun to sign up and then coach my friends while going thru the process at the same time. I decided against it because what if it didn’t work? I also wanted the freedom to say exactly what I thought about the 21 day fix without the fear of being sued because I was a coach. That’s probably not even a thing but in my mind I had convinced myself I would be in trouble. 😊 So…here we are today. I’m in love with it. I know if I stick with it my life will change. I can’t help but want that same thing for other people. Am I really coach material though? I’m incredibly shy, definitely not a salesman and am still morbidly obese. I don’t want to be that pushy friend that constantly talks about it. You know the one you avoid because you don’t want to hear that same story again. I don’t want to flood social media and people start blocking me. I honestly just want to be my normal amazing self. I believe that actions speak louder than words. My hope would be that people would want to do it not because I’m a pushy, annoying friend but because they see the results I’m getting. Is that enough though? Will that have an impact and make people want to change their lives? I guess we will find out because I’m going to try. Wish me luck! 


4 thoughts on “Coach or not coach? 

  1. Yay!!! You are an awesome example and I am proud of you! Yes, actions speak louder than words! 21 day fix works and you are and will be an amazing example. People will so want to have you as their incredible coach! You are taking the healthy and accountable way to get your body where it needs to be! You are an amazing person and I am so proud of your commitment and results. You will be an inspiration to many, including me!! It will only get better!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. We’ve always followed you because of your actions. That’s what will happen if you decide to coach. I think you should concentrate on yourself first though. You’ve always been the person who thinks and does for others first and we love you for it. This is your time now!! Chant it with me…”Susan first, Susan first, Susan first!!”

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