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1000 Pound Arms

Let’s be positive for a moment about this thing called working out. Today was the upper body workout. I’m happy to report that it’s getting a little easier. That’s it…that was the moment. The warmup part of the video almost feels like warmup instead of like a complete workout now. I still hate those freakin windmill things. My arms are another level of huge. I’m convinced they are at least 50 pounds each. Can you imagine swinging that all around? Yeah you would get tired too. You would also not be a fan of upper body workouts. Oh and then don’t forget to add on the additional weight from the Dumbbells. Not a good time. I sucked it up as usual. Me and modified girl did an awesome job today. I’m actually moving a little more. I still look like a giant, injured animal flopping around but who said it had to look pretty? It’s not cute on any level and it definitely doesn’t smell like roses. I’m a sweaty fat chick but I’m moving. The workouts are tough but I’m sure there would be no progress if they were easy. You have to start somewhere. Don’t give up because you can’t do the full exercise. Modify it and do what you can do. I can promise you, I modify the modified girl all of the time. I don’t move as quickly as they do. Sometimes they move so fast that I miss an entire move. The point is you will get results as long as you do what you can do. Push yourself when you can. It will get easier and one day maybe that warmup will legit be just a warmup. That’s what I’m hoping anyways. 😊


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