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When did that happen? 

My fear of the scale this morning put me behind schedule so I was unable to get my workout in before work. What? I seriously had a real life debate with myself. Not to mention the bad dream of me gaining 30 pounds in a week. As you may have noticed I freak myself out a lot apparently. It’s okay really. It’s just my way of talking myself thru situations. I’m not one to give up easily but sometimes I think way too much so I may be just a little slower to do things. Usually it’s the things I should not think about at all but whatever. We are who we are. Anyway….it was too late for the workout so I said I would do it after work. Well…I worked later than I should have which means I was late to go to the store and then late to start dinner. Dinner was great by the way. It was our first time ever eating turkey tacos and they were yummy. I do miss the cheese dip but perhaps another day when I get a handle on this situation. During the eating of the turkey tacos we watched The Voice. After The Voice was Blindspot. You see…the workout kept getting pushed off. I really just wanted to crawl into my cold bed and get some rest. Don’t worry I talked myself out of it which is why this is being posted so late. I can’t stop now just because I lost so much the first week. My body may slow down and I may only lose 3 pounds next week. I want to make sure I’m doing my part to get the most out of these 21 days. The workout was torture. Did someone sneak in my house and switch the video? I swear I must have blocked out the memory of the first time I did Total Body Cardio Fix. Son of biscuit that was no joke. I may legit fall to the ground if someone asks me to raise my hand. My arms are like cement blocks with extra cement if that’s even possible. Big middle finger to those knee surrender things too. We should change the name to Totally Kick Your Butt Body Cardio Fix. That’s okay…me and modified girl were all over it. I was slower but one day I will catch up to her. Upper Fix in the morning? I think not! I will take my jello arms to work and pray they are ready for the upper body workout by the time I’m off work. If not I will just look like a complete crazy person when I do it anyway. 


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