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Fear of the Scale

I decided to wait until 7 complete days of workouts and diet before weighing in again. I must admit I didn’t feel like I lost anything. In fact I felt like I had gained. I thought I would have some great surge in energy with Shakeology but that didn’t really happen either. Honestly I think that part was tied in with the food challenges. I felt like I was eating so much food that I was just tired. The first week hasn’t been the easiest and I still haven’t mastered the workouts or food part of the 21 day fix. It’s a process. One that I felt like was not working at all. I was really beginning to question if this was the right thing for me. That is until I weighed in today. Holy mash potatoes batman!! I’m down 7.7 pounds after week 1. Yes you read that right…I lost 7.7 pounds in one stinkin week. I am in shock to say the least. In one week I managed to say bye bye bye to the 300s. I’m not sure how my fat percentage went up but oh well the weight part went down. I will take my win and pray that I keep getting positive results.  



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