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Burpees are the Devil

After the way my tummy feels I can assure you the last thing I wanted to do was workout. Nothing about bubble guts says you should workout. To top it off today was the cardio fix. That pretty much says you are about to get your butt kicked. I decided to go ahead and attempt to workout. The worst thing that could possibly happen is I would have to make a run for the restroom. The fact that I’m working out in my house to a video made the decision pretty easy. You won’t know what you can do until you try. I had some not so nice words for the people in the video, I modified the modified lady and I burbed a lot but I still pushed thru. Burpees and I are not friends. I’m pretty sure the person that invented them was torturing people. That exercise was definitely modified. Regardless I made it thru and did the bonus round. Boom! Tomorrow is Dirty 30. Yeah I’m scared too. 😳


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