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Perhaps I should have done a little research before starting the day 4 workouts. I’m not sure what I thought Pilates was before today but I now know it kicks your butt too. I may be a really fat chick but I felt my abs burning today. Proof that they still exist. Oh and my butt isn’t all fat either. There are some butt muscles that felt some pain today. Sweet mother of pearl. I am happy to report that woke up less sore today so maybe the schedule is working out. As far as my body goes day one was a tough workout but my body wasn’t completely sore afterwards. That really came on day 2. Day 2 my legs and thighs were on fire and we worked out the upper body. Day 3 I expected my arms to be complete mush but they actually were not that bad. My lower body still hated me. Day 3 we also worked the lower body. It was a slow moving day but today I woke up less stiff. I think the extra rest may have helped as well. Today the Pilates was definitely challenging. It was extra tough because I follow the modified person and they were not always visible at the beginning of the exercise. That was a little challenging because some of the exercises are lasting just seconds. So by the time I could see how she was doing it they were almost done. There were also some moves I’m sure I did completely wrong. It’s almost like I need an instructional video or something. Either way I did as much as I can do and obviously it kicked my butt anyway. Tomorrow is the cardio fix. I’m pretty sure that the soreness will come back after that. As I told my friend yesterday, I welcome this soreness. Sure it sucks…a lot but I would rather be sore because I worked out instead of the pain I was feeling in my body because I’m fat and doing nothing. Like everything else in life it is all in how you choose to see it. It’s super easy to find the negative in everything but it feels so much better when you find the positives. 


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