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That Girl is on Fire!

Holy mash potatoes batman. The lower fix workout was no joke. I will admit that I was slow to get up this morning. Not just because my body is hating me right now but also because I’m not getting enough rest. I’ve waking up way early to get the workout in before work and of course staying up too late. Today I decided to stare at the alarm and then change it for another hour of rest. It was totally worth it. It’s true I won’t get to work as early as I want to but that’s okay. Besides I’m pretty sure my body thought I needed it for this workout. Wow! I once again modified the modified workouts. Not all of them but several today we’re definitely difficult to do. I’m also at a much slower pace. For a moment I felt myself getting discouraged because I am moving slower and I can’t reach or squat as low as they can. You start to wonder if it’s even worth doing it at all because it is so bad. I tried to push all of those negative thoughts to the side and focus on the fact that I was doing something. I could feel my muscles being worked and stretched. No I may not be doing it exactly like them but I’m still making progress. Today I can’t squat is low but maybe in a couple weeks I will. Today those crazy leg lifts may make me hate life but in a month I may love them. This is going to take time for me. The important part will be to keep reminding myself of that and not give up. I didn’t become this size overnight and I certainly won’t lose it all overnight. This 21 day fix is just something to teach me portion control, to eat healthier and to get me moving. It won’t be easy but I’m sure it will all be totally worth it. 


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