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Toilet Troubles

Somebody needs to call somebody. I’m convinced someone is tampering with the toilets at work. I swear someone kept making them go lower and lower as the day went on. My thighs, butt, legs and pretty everything is sore. Yep…I was moving super slow and of course drinking lots of water. Slow motion to the restroom and then lowering this big behind on the toilet was not a good time. Thank you God for bars in the big stall. I would normally walk sideways into the smaller stalls just in case someone needed the larger stall. Today…I legit prayed every time I had to go. For the love of God and all that is holy please let the big stall be open. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do tomorrow. It seems like the soreness happens the day after the workout. Yesterday was total body and today was upper body. So…I’m guessing that means I’m just going to work from the toilet tomorrow. That is if I can brush my teeth, shower and get ready for work after my lower body workout in the morning. Holy smokes! Suck it up sunshine! Moving slow beats not moving at all. 


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