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Just Jello

Apparently I don’t move enough in my sleep. I guess yesterday’s workout caught up to me and I woke up feeling sore. Needless to say I slightly procrastinated starting the workout this morning. Then I had a very brief conversation with myself. No one can change you but you. If you are unhappy…then change. It really can be that simple. Yes the change will be a long process for me but as long as I stay with it I will see and feel the results. These workouts are not something I look forward to but I know eventually I will. Right now it’s all going to be tough. I know it and accept it but I will not give up. My arms may feel like jello from the upper body workout and my abs are wondering why they are being tortured after all of these years of being left alone but I survived the workout. My body may hate me for the moment but I will take the mental win. It feels good to know that I pushed thru even when it hurt and finished strong. 😊 Now off to my yummy Shakeology! 


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