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Living on Prayer

Woah, we’re halfway there

Woah, livin’ on a prayer

Sorry…now that song is stuck in your head. If you don’t know it you need to. Well today was the beginning of the 21 day fix and Shakeology. Naturally I had scared the crap out of myself with these workouts. Today was go day. So..I woke up super early and put in the video. Of course there was a warmup portion to get the blood flowing. I’m convinced the warmup portion was my workout. Holy smokes I’m fat. I was sweating and breathing heavy just doing that part. It probably took all of 5 minutes. When I looked at the tv and saw that I still had like 25 minutes to go I immediately thought how insane I was. Insane but determined. One of the ladies provides a modified version for people that can’t do the fast paced workout. Needless to say I had to modify the modified version for me. Sorry…I’m probably 100 pounds heavier than that chick. There was no way. I tried to keep up but my body was like heck no. So…I kept going but just at a slower pace. It felt like their timer was broke the entire workout. Sixty seconds felt like a lifetime. There was a couple workouts that I couldn’t do at all. I tried but it was super challenging getting all of this body up and all the way down and then up again. I didn’t stop and sit on the couch. I thought about it after almost being attacked by the ceiling fan but I didn’t. I decided that I would do what I could do for as long as I could do it. Quitting isn’t an option. After my workout I jumped in the shower and then rushed to eat breakfast. First I made my Shakeology. Thank God someone gave me a yummy recipe. Chocolate, pineapple, banana and peanut butter. Super yummy! Breakfast…it was okay. Scrambled eggs and burnt toast with no butter. Don’t judge. Next…meatballs, rice, broccoli and califlower. Snack time before lunch didn’t got so well. I managed to eat just a little cucumbers and tomatoes. I’ve officially consumed 67.6 ounces of the 156.6 ounces of water that I need to drink. So much food and water…the struggle is real.  



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