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Food Drunk

Okay…I know when you look at me you probably think dang that girl hasn’t missed a meal. The first thing doctors want to do is givens appetite suppressants. Just for the record you are both wrong. I didn’t eat enough. Not enough food and mostly not healthy choices when I did eat. With that in mind I’m really struggling with the food side of the 21 day fix. Based on my size I’m supposed to consume so much food. Breakfast was tough because I don’t normally eat breakfast. I forced it down though. A couple hours later it was time for a snack. I was still so full from breakfast that barely ate any of the snack. A couple hours later it was lunch time. I was still full but I forced as much as I could down. I was so full when I returned to work I really just wanted to crawl in a bed and sleep. A couple hours later I forced an orange down. It’s time to eat dinner now and I’m not sure how I’m going to pull this off. I’m super curious to see how this is going to work out because I’m eating so much more now. It’s definitely healthier choices but wow it’s so much. Im going to try switching around how I consume the containers tomorrow to see if that helps at all. I was so overwhelmed with how many I had to eat of each that I tried to spread them throughout the day. I think tomorrow I will try to use more containers at the meal times and make the snacks smaller. We shall see…still trying to piece it together. On a positive not I have consumed 101.7 ounces of water today. I still have quite a bit left to consume but it’s progress. Stop the freakin madness. Apparently I’m able to multi-task by blogging this and reading the 21 day fix eating plan book at the same time but I’m not capable of reading it before starting like a normal person. Nope I just look at the pictures apparently. Yeah guess what it says on page 19! Pic is above or below..wherever it ends up when I hit post. Pure craziness…thank God tomorrow is a new day!  



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