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Big Ball of Whiteness

Talk about putting yourself out there. I was a little hesitant about doing this because come on…do you see all of that sexiness? I’m not sure if the world can handle it. Unfortunately I can’t worry about the world. I have to take care of me. Hopefully by posting these pics, weight and measurements it will help keep me motivated and perhaps motivate others. There is no reason to use a filter, app or whatever else to alter my pics. I see me in the mirror and the majority of people that may read this blog know exactly what I look like. Why hide? This is me…all of me hanging out everywhere. No I’m not happy with it but it is up to me to change it. It may be harsh but I really don’t care about any negative comments that can be said about my appearance. I can change my appearance and I will pray that those negative people can change their heart. The world doesn’t have to be ugly and consumed with people tearing each other down. Imagine where we would be if we lifted everyone up with words and acts of kindness. Sorry…slight rambling moment. Pics and info are below. Wish me luck tomorrow. 😳

307 pounds, 47.7% body fat, 5’7″

Right arm 17.5 inches, left arm 16 inches, chest 54.5 inches, waist 53.5 inches, hips 60 inches, right thigh 32 inches, left thigh 31 inches



4 thoughts on “Big Ball of Whiteness

  1. You go girl! I am very proud of you deciding to take care of yourself (you took care of others your entire life)! You will have results very soon and you will inspire others!

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  2. Susan, first thing I want to say is if I had never seen you before in my life, I know for a fact what a beautiful person you are, and that includes all of your faults and flaws. Not sure why society is so harsh on women who are not deemed ‘thin’ (even women who may only be 10 pounds overweight), but I think it is quite courageous of you to be completely vulnerable, knowing people will not approve and will probably judge you, yet you are owning your situation! I commend you for putting it out there for the world to see! #teamsusan #onlyyoucanchangeyourlife:)

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  3. THIS is the post that inspired me the most. You talk about fear and over coming it. I’ve never been able to do this “before and after” thing and I commend you my dear friend. You are braver than you think!!

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