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Vagina Confusion

Don’t worry…you can keep ready. 🙂 This isn’t that kind of blog people. Anyway…of course I’m continuing to freak out over this whole diet/lifestyle change. My mind tends to make things far more complicated then they really are. So..naturally like most sane individuals I have a conversation with myself this morning. Just like I talk myself into the crazy, negative crap…I have to talk myself out. I’m like come on Susan…you are not a giant vagina. Hmmm let’s ponder that thought for a minute. Have you read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Yes I’m going to reference a children’s book and the word vagina in the same sentence because well…I can. It’s not that serious people. Anyway you will find that is how my mind works. Start one place and totally end up at another. See…I’m doing it now. Anyway…who decided that being called a vagina was a negative thing? Do you know the things that a vagina has to go through? I’m just saying I find it difficult to believe that something that produces life could be considered weak. So to all of those people that I have called a giant walking vagina…you are welcome. I gave you a compliment. See…I am a good person. 🙂


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